Pitch deck assessment

Stand out of the crowd with your pitch

You have to constantly pitch your startup in front of your stakeholders. The most important ones are your potential customers and investors. We ensure you that you have a consistent and highly convincing pitch for them in any situation, be it in the elevator, at a customer or in a investor meeting.

1) Pitch deck check & feedback

  • Assess storyline
  • Assess completeness  for targeted audience
  • Check accurateness of information

2) Pitch deck creation & design

  • Improve storytelling
  • Create missing parts
  • Enhance the design

3) Pitch training

  • Simulate specific situation
  • Listen to your pitch and provide direct feedback
  • Give it a retry


Pitch deck check & feedback:

CHF 50

Pitch deck creation & design:

On Request

Pitch training:

CHF 100

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