Fundraising and Grants

Receive professional Support in Fundraising and apply for Grants in a five Step Process

As your additional team members we assist you in raising funds in a structured and professional way so that your likelihood of receiving money at a fair valuation increases substantially. Side by side, we support you in business development, improving your KPIs and finding the ideal investors at the same time. For selected startups, we conduct the entire fundraising process fully success-based at a highly competitive rate. Contact us for further information.

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1) Assessment

  • Analyze industry & market
  • Assess selected strategy & business model
  • Evaluate product & service
  • Measure & benchmark operations
  •  Analyze financials
  • Assess team
  • Check legal status

2) Enhancement

  • Refine strategy & business model
  •  Adapt product & service roadmap
  • Optimize operations
  • Improve financial tools and forecast
  • Assist team building
  • Improve legal situation

3) Preparation

  • Create and define investor profile
  • Create and enhance investor and client documentation

4) Fundraising

  • Contact investors
  • Manage information flow
  • Defend business plan & valuation
  • Create competition among investors
  • Agree on terms with a lead investor

5) Closing

  • Ensure exchange of funds, shares and legally binding documents