Time Management Tips from Successful Founders

Managing time is one of the most critical skills for a startup founder. Every second you invest and save can take you closer to meeting your venture goals. As Ben Francia said "The future is created by what you do today, not tomorrow". Time is often referred to as the most valuable resource. Therefore, Entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerburg are excellent at time management. They know how to set the right goals and work with intense focus to be highly efficient in time management. So, here are the most essential time management tips for startup founders.

  1. Maintain a calendar :

    It is most important for a founder to always maintain a calendar. This makes sure that nothing is left undone. Maintaining a calendar will help you to prioritize the tasks for the day. Calendar helps you set a morning routine. Although everyone has their own specific routines, having a morning routine that works for you sets the tone for the day

  2. Give everything a deadline :

    Tasks and goals without deadlines are just wishes and dreams. Therefore, it is important to give deadlines to your tasks and goals to accomplish them on time

  3. Assign tasks to colleagues :

    Being a founder means a huge workload. So assign tasks to your colleagues, this will save you a lot of time and also finish off work much quicker. Telling ‘no’ sometimes is a good practice because this reduces unnecessary pressure and saves a lot of your time

  4. Find your productive time : 

    Every person is productive in a particular time of the day. For some it may be early mornings and for others it might be late nights. You should try to utilize this time to get more output with less time spent.

  5. Organize creative breaks :

    Utilize your work breaks in an effective way to connect with your colleagues and people that might be of some help for your startup. Get involved in other activities with your colleagues like some game or walk to know each other well in person. This will improve your networking, team bonding and your spare time will be utilised in a right way

  6. Business activity monitoring & controlling system

    Business activity monitoring and controlling system bundle your company's resources towards your main objective. It helps you to identify opportunities and threats earlier so that you can react before the situation escalates. Initially it takes a bit of time to set up, but once it’s created then you save a lot of time. On the one hand, it enables you to demonstrate your thorough understanding of your market and industry. On the other hand it also enables you to justify and validate your business plan and financial forecast

Time is an absolutely crucial asset which cannot be bought and there is no exact science to manage it. But, you own your time. Consider managing it thoughtfully. Good time management will help you to reach your startup’s objectives on time. This circumstance has a positive effect on your team morale and ultimately increases the value of your company.