Find Product-Market-Fit to experience exponential Growth

Your most essential milestone as an early-stage founder is to find product-market-fit. Once you have found it, you will experience exponential growth and make all of your stakeholders happy with the exception of your competitors. Let's see what product-market-fit means and how you can achieve it in your venture.

Product market fit means that you offer a product that satisfies a great market, resulting in the following:

  • You have difficulties in satisfying the increasing demand
  • Your customers are your best salespeople
  • You receive daily emails and calls from investors

While there is no straight line to product-market-fit, there is an iterative process to help you accelerate the discovery. We briefly outline it below.

  1. Create an attractive value hypothesis for you and your customers
  2. Test the value hypothesis with potential customers
  3. Iterate 1) and 2) until you can validate your product-market fit with a net promoter score above 40

Fact-based metrics will also help you to perform this process more efficiently and make smart decisions and take corrective action quickly.

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