ETH Spin-offs receive on Average more than twice as much Funding as EPFL spin-offs

ETH spin-offs receive on average more than twice as much funding as EPFL spin-offs.

The evaluation of ETH and EPFL spin-offs launched in the period 2017 to 2020 showed that 39% of ETH and 38% of EPFL spin-offs received some form of third-party funding. Dividing the total amount of funding by the total number of newly launched spin-offs for each institution shows that on average MCHF 1.47 is invested in an ETH spin-off and MCHF 0.65 in an EPFL spin-off. Since the proportion of funded spin-offs is almost identical for both institutions, the difference in the average amount of funding for a funded spin-off remains similar, namely MCHF 3.77 for an ETH spin-off and MCHF 1.72 for an EPFL spin-off.

So far, we do not know the reasons for this significant difference in the amount of funding. Differences in the following categories could be the cause:

  1. Economic attractiveness of developed technologies.

  2. Availability of professional support

  3. Venture capital scene

Before we investigate the cause above, we will analyse the number and type of funding rounds. But if you already have concrete indications, please feel free to contact us