Startup CFO - measure, build and scale

As your startup CFO, we increase the value of your business with a data-driven and measurable approach

Startupmetrics works as your startup CFO and sparring partner, in which we provide the frameworks, concepts, and analytical tools that define and enhance the value of your business with a data-driven and measurable approach. Through our past experience and expertise in investment analysis, we can quickly identify the key value drivers of your business and support you in optimizing them. We are as committed as you are and only charge you in proportion to our mutual success.

As your additional team we can increase the value and appeal of your business by
  1. Implementing efficient and compliant financial processes
  2. Refining your strategy and business model by identifying and selecting attractive market segments
  3. Generating business intelligence by measuring market activities and operations
  4. Creating a convincing business case to bootstrap or present in front of investors

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Our Services

Startupmetrics works for several emerging Swiss Startups, Spin-Offs & Businesses

Startupmetrics is currently supporting Swiss startups, spin-offs and businesses in the area of,

  1. MedTech
  2. Digital Health
  3. SaaS - high touch
  4. ICT logistics
  5. Industrials
  6. Sports
  7. CBD

How we support startups, spin-offs and businesses

  1. Refining strategy and business model 
  2. Measuring and improving product-market-fit
  3. Implementing an intelligent KPI system 
  4. Identifying and communicating with potential investors 

  • We help these companies to refine their strategy and market positioning, improve product-market fit, implement an intelligent and semi-automatized KPI system, set clear and achievable goals, identify investor profiles and match these startups with suitable investors.
  • We support various startups & teams with pitch deck assessments and content creation related to our offered services.
  • We conduct startup valuation & due diligence for venture funds such as 21Celsius Ventures.
  • We perform startup and spin-off valuations, e.g. of a leading Swiss telemedicine startup.
  • We build financial models for several startups and spin-offs.
  • We create several reporting and documentations for investors and board meetings.
  • We are at the full disposal of Swiss startups, spin-offs & businesses with all our heart, all our sweat and all our knowledge.

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